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Looper Review

2012-10-10 17:37:28 by Nentindo


Looper is a movie about your average Joe. Let's speak a bit about Joe. He's your normal guy, he has nights out drinking with his buddies, takes drugs, kills people from the future, and the weird part? He's learning French! Of all langu-... Wait, you want to know more about the killing people from the future thing? Eh, why not. In the year 2074, time travel is invented. It's immediately outlawed, so only criminal gangs and mafias and the like have them. It's impossible to stop a body being identified after being killed for whatever reason, so the only option is to stick the person in a time machine, while someone in the past waits for them and gets ready to shoot, and later dispose of the body in what I can only describe as either a gateway to hell or just a conveniently accessible fire pit. (It's probably the latter)

The reason they're called loopers? They have to close the loop, and kill themselves from 30 years on. They get a big payload, and get to live the next 30 years of their life, until they're stuffed in a time machine and shot by themselves from 30 years ago.

But Joe recognizes himself, and accidentally lets himself go, and stuff happens. Right now, you're probably wondering why I just told you what you probably already know from the trailer. I'm wondering too, so let's try and add some substance to this review.

It's got a lot of action. A lot. Yet it has intelligence too, something sorely lacking from most films nowadays.

Well, that's all I've got. I say watch it.


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Are you dead, man?


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Yes, PLEASE!!!


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