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Right then...

Posted by Nentindo - May 11th, 2011

I'm going to change my icons and page header, since they are out of date and horribly low quality jpegs. But should I make an archive pic of the ones I have now? Because when an internet archeologist or whatever looks at any replies to comments or anything like that mentioning something about it, they wouldn't be able to see what it was like. And I get annoyed when I'm looking through old threads and somebody mentions a sig and it's completely different, because I don't like not knowing things. A lot. So fellow NGers, should I make a Nentindo archive?

Just in case anybody gets confused, it would probably be on my art section but as a sketch, so in the fantastically unexplainable event of me getting scouted it wouldn't clutter the art portal.

Comments (2)

Good to see that you update them, they are really, well just bad to be honest, but archive them, I do that too for my prior signatures, headers, etc.
Would you mind to post your opinion about my userpage header?


Page header:
I like how you made it the same as your sig, but made it the right size without any blur/remaking it for your page, so you don't have a lot of different things making it easy for some things to seem out of place, like I currently do.

Mini icon thingymabobmajigbob:
They should really change the name of those, shouldn't they? I almost made a fool of myself by calling it a user icon, but crisis averted. Anyway, I don't really see what it has to do with you, apart from it having the light aura, so if I were you I would probably change it to something that represents you more.

Gigantomongous icon:
Phew, another crisis averted! Anyway, again, I like it as it is the same thingy as your sig, but I would put some writing on it to personalize it.

Gets to the point about you, you tell the truth and aren't afraid to. Good, easy to recognize sig. I have yet to see a sig as blue as yours on the BBS.

Also, since in your icons, sig and stuff you have a not quite Newgrounds logo font, I think this would be useful to you: http://saint-jesus.newgrounds.com /news/post/60886

Wow, that is insightful, here is what I think about it:

Page header: Yes, I have redone it from scratch, so that it doesn´t look blurry, since I like it, when it looks clean, thank you for the positive remark!

Mini icon: I have actually changed it now, and used the font you recommended, thank you for the link, although, I let the font in the signature stay, since it looks more clean in my opinion, but the one you mentioned is definately better for the small icon.

Profile picture: I agree that something is missing, but if I add text, it looks too overloaded, I might draw an easy symbol on it later.

Sig: I am glad that you like it :)

All in all, I kept these pictures all simple, because I made recoulered versions of all of them if I want to change my aura easily, although I plan to keep the light aura since it fits me the most.

I want to thank you for the nice response, it helped alot!